IT MatchPoint [ITMP] ( IBM, Citrix, VMWARE & Amazon Web Services Partner) is an Independent & Impartial UK company providing a unique high quality service which enables small to medium size companies with limited IT resouces in finding Top IT Vendors from around the globe and help them to do a Comparison based on their Services, expertise and due dillegence done by IT MatchPoint Procurement Team Specialists. ITPAAS (IT Procurement as a Service) for Busineses of all sizes around the world.
Whatever your Business IT needs are IT MatchPoint's Professional Procurement expert team would take the hassle and confusion out of searching & procuring the Best IT Service, Solution Providers, IT Solutions, IT Software, Hardware & more from around the globe, saving small to medium size Businesses time, money & efforts, absolutely customer centric Best IT Procurement Service !! <Read More

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IT MatchPoint Ltd  helps Small to Medium size Businesses in finding and comparing  the Best IT Service & Solution Providers from around the Globe.
Business success or failure of IT Projects implementation depends on  selection of the Best IT Provider with highly skilled experienced resouces. Before selecting a IT Vendor for doing any piece of IT Project work for your business its critical do a due delligance check on the company background, feedback from customers where they claim to have implemented similar project, was it a success/ failure, Project resources skillset etc to avoid a possible failure . Most of the businesses either don't have resources or time for doing this type of checks, resulting in poor vendor selection processes, Project disaster, loss of time, money, efforts & Company Reputation
. <Read More>
IT MatchPoint Ltd  helps Small to Medium size Businesses in finding and comparing  the Best IT Product / Solutions from around the Globe or can get it developed to meet your Business needs.
Small to Medium Size Companies are struggling with legacy IT Software Solutions they currently using as they are unable to migrate to new environments because of compatability issues or software needs re writing or it costs lot of money to migrate across, in such situations companies have started looking for new software Products or Solutoins which can do the same job but does not cost a fortune, problem today small to medium scale business are facing is they don't have resources or time to do research and do talks with vendors, explain them what they need and negotiate deals etc ..ITMP Procurement Specialists can do all this and more...<Read More>
ITMP offers "IT Procurement as a Service" as a part of it our IT Procurement Specialists (with 10+Years in IT Procurement Arena) would work as extension to IT Team members in small to medium size business helping them with all their IT Procurement needs starting from IT Purchasing, IT Rentals, flexible highly skilled IT Staffing needs and more <Read More>
IT MatchPoint [ITMP] offers a Unique Customer Centric Cost saving service called "ITMP Price Check" - which lets Businesses to submit their IT Quotes to our  IT Procurement Specialists Team and they would scan the market on your behalf and check how much other Top IT Vendors are charging for same high quality product / service and will provide you Top 3 IT Vendor's best quotes, benefit of using "ITMP Price Check Services"  is Bussiness can negoitate on Pricing with their current IT vendor (99% of the times Vendors reduce the prices) or else they can go with one of the Top 3 IT Vendors who would provide same high quality service at a better Price <Read More>
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